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GEN is a constantly expanding network of intentional communities and ecovillage bridging all cultures and continents.
GEN envisions the emergence of a diverse yet shared global pool of wisdom for sustainable living.
GEN believes that the most underutilised resource we have is the good intentions and creativity of citizens and our willingness to make a difference.
GEN promotes the building of community and solidarity as core to transition to resilience.
GEN-Europe promotes the development of sustainable settle­ments in EuropeAfrica and the Middle East. More



26.03.2011 Practice of Sustainability in an Eco Village

Is there a solution to the self-destructive conduct of our society ? Ecological Footprint of Krishna Valley in Hungary

20.05.2010 Ecovillages: A Model Life?

More people are turning to eco communities as a viable alternative to urban life. Are you nature-starved, lonely, and fed up with the materialism,...

15.02.2010 Ecovillage Living in Russia

The Birth Of The Ecovillage In the spring of 2001 a group of environmental enthusiasts introduced the head of the administration of Maloyaroslavets...